Rearranging the boundaries between the concert hall and modern rock and pop

Hai Meirzadh is one of the most sought-after arrangers amongst the younger generation of arrangers in Israel. He has written for many of the leading artists in his country, such as: Berry Sakharof ,Hadag Nahash, Ninet Tayeb, Assaf Amdursky, Dudu Tassa, to name a few.

Meirzadh’s work has received accolades thanks to his unique conceptual approach, which transforms each song into a new creation with an added dramatic dimension.

In his work as arranger and composer Meirzadh redefines the boundaries between the contemporary art music concert hall, and the world of pop and rock music.

His work is exceptional thanks to his ability to combine the use of each genre in the most convincing and profound way and the ability to create an internal language within each song or composition.

Music entered Meirzadh’s life for the first time as a teenager when he was exposed to Heavy Metal Music.  After having had avoided classical piano training on purpose for several years prior to this revelation, discovering the world of heavy metal and rock was one of  great excitement, mainly thanks to the rich and intense world of sound it revealed.

Influenced by this new revelation and other influences that soon followed, Meirzadh started to listen to music regularly and soon returned to the piano, deciding to do it auto-didactically this time.

As the years went by his curiosity grew, and with it – his exposure to a great variety of artists and genres, the most influential among them being progressive rock and fusion. During that period, Meirzadh also taught himself to play the guitar and synthesizer, playing in many young bands.

At the age of 21, the first shoots of creativity appeared.  Inspired by progressive rock and fusion music he had listened to, he started recording his very first sketches, which would in time become the album ‘Straight Circles’ (2008).

While working on his album, Meirzadh felt that he lacked the basic knowledge in composition that was rooted in theoretical knowledge he had avoided as a young musician. Seeing as he wanted to develop the musical tools he had at his disposal, Meirzadh enrolled into the Academy of Music in Jerusalem, to study multidisciplinary composition. He was overjoyed and grateful when he and 11 others were accepted into the program out of several dozen candidates.

It was already in his senior year that Meirzadh was commissioned by some of the major orchestras in Israel, one of them was a 15 minute long symphonic composition (The Dance Of Eye & Heart, by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA) which was met with warm reviews mainly due to the fact that despite his young age and meager experience, he was clearly developing a unique sensibility, and a musical fingerprint that was evident in all his work.

Since, Meirzadh has based his stature as an arranger and composer, writing for artists on the forefront of Israel’s rock and pop industry.  He stands out as an arranger thanks to his ability of approaching any genre and implementing it to a substantial and conceptual piece with a prominent dramatic component.  His ability to marry the worlds of concert-hall music and that of contemporary rock and pop music has made him a critically acclaimed and sought-after arranger.
In the last year, amongst many ongoing projects, Meirzadh has been working on a new  project named ‘Strings Attached’, which takes his arranging approach one step further by creating a fresh interpretation for the terms Chamber Ensemble and  Rock Band.  After having released several songs, Meirzadh and the other project partners are busy preparing a festive launch premiere.


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