Jun 30

Welcome to my blog

Writing about my work is never easy, mostly because there is so much to I’d like to say, and so little time to write. Nevertheless, I have decided to write this blog because it’s very important to me to communicate with the world in a bit more personal level; to get you inside my head

Aug 1
Cover Vs. Arrangement

Cover versus Arrangement

Cover versions, in one way or another, were always here. The oldest one I can recall is the famous ‘la folia’—a harmonic structure that was used in the works of about one hundred and fifty composers since the seventeenth century. In 1952 the Chicago Tribune described the term Cover Version as a “trade jargon meaning

Aug 8

Approaching a New Arrangement

In my previous post I wrote about the differences between a cover version and an arrangement. So how do we start working on a new arrangement? And before that, how do we approach the original song, the basic material? In this post I will try to give you a sneak peek into my thoughts and

Aug 15

Approaching New Arrangement II – The Singer

The Human Factor In my last post I wrote about my conception for new arrangements. That post was purely a musical one; this time I want to discuss the human aspect of the equation. As a professional arranger, you are commissioned to write arrangements as a service provider. In some cases you will be hired

Aug 22
Human Factor II

The Human Factor II – The Orchestra

In the last post I discussed the importance of creating the right professional relationship with the singer while writing an arrangement. The second post in this series is about the orchestra for which you are writing. Unlike the singer, the relationship with the orchestra players is expressed mostly through the music itself. You usually don’t

Mar 22
Brothers In Arms Recording Session 2015

Strings Attached | פרק 1 | למה הופעה

למה הופעה? אם הגעתם לכאן כנראה שאתם מכירים ואפילו אוהבים את מה שאנחנו עושים. בשנה וחצי האחרונות הוצאנו לאור ארבעה שירים, כל אחד מהם מבטא בדרכו את הדרך המיוחדת שלנו להאיר ולהעצים את השירים בהם בחרתי. גם בתהליך היצירה וגם בתוצאה הסופית אני גאה מאוד ומרגיש שהצלחנו לצקת בכל אחד מהם את החויה המוסיקלית והרגשית

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