Strings Attached

Strings Attached is an international art rock ensemble that redefines the boundaries between the contemporary art music concert hall and the world of pop and rock music.

Amongst other things, the meshing of the genres is possible thanks to the unique ensemble, comprised of instruments from both the classical and popular worlds – a string quartet, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, recorder and a singer.

The driving force behind Strings Attached project is Hai Meirzadh, one of the most sought-after amongst the younger generation of arrangers in Israel, has written for many of the leading artists in his country: Berry Sakharof, Hadag Nahash, Ninet Tayeb, Assaf Amdursky, Dudu Tassa, and more.

Meirzadh’s work has received accolades thanks to his unique conceptual approach, which transforms each song into a new creation with an added dramatic dimension.

Meirzadh and the members of Strings Attached are currently working on the ensemble’s live show premiere which will include both arrangements for rock classics and original material.

Band Members:

Hai Meirzadh – Artistic director, arrangements, acoustic guitar
Chanan Ben-Simon – Singer
Tali Rubinshtein – Recorders
Noam Shacham – Bass
Noa Ayali – Cello
Daniel Tanchelson – Viola
Nitzan Ben Canetty, Chen Shenhar – Violins
Gur Magen – Sound Technician


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Skype: hai.meir


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